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7 Easy Ideas for Organizing Kids Artwork

Author: Maria Gracia
2002-01-17 02:00:00

7 Easy Ideas for Organizing Kids Artwork by: Maria Gracia In school, kids are encouraged to create, draw, color, paint and build. These activities can certainly stimulate children, and help them more...

Keys: artwork, child, keep, organized, file, home, kids, artwork child, help, piece, box, now, get,

Parenting - The Irrational Vocation

Author: Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.
2002-02-02 02:00:00

Parenting - The Irrational Vocation by: Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. There are some grounds to assume that a cognitive dissonance is involved in feeling that children are more a satisfaction than a nuisanc more...

Keys: children, , narcissist, narcissistic, parents, family, self, people, supply, narcissisti,

Math or Magic?

Author: Kenneth Williams
2004-05-10 02:00:00

Math or Magic? by: Kenneth Williams As someone once said: "There's an easy way to do something, and an unlimited number of difficult ways". Take simple division, for example: Suppose you need t more...

Keys: remainder, 4, 9, answer, 123, first, figure, 10, first figure, 13, 3, system, vedic, 43, 9 ans,

How To Potty Train In Two Days

Author: Carrie Lauth
2004-05-12 02:00:00

How To Potty Train In Two Days by: Carrie Lauth Ah, potty training! Go to a local bookseller and you will find dozens of books on the subject. Search the Net and there are thousands of websites w more...

Keys: child, potty, don't, babies, potty training, year, 3, training, off, let, cloth, big, boy, it,

Teaching Children Good Manners

Author: Rexanne Mancini
2004-05-17 02:00:00

Teaching Children Good Manners by: Rexanne Mancini Last week in my newsletter, I mentioned that my children knew how to behave in nice restaurants because they had been exposed to the atmosphere more...

Keys: children, rexanne, good, manners, think, mancini, rexanne mancini, kids, teach, it's, real,

Remember The "Generation Gap"?

Author: Douglas G. Burkland
2004-05-19 02:00:00

Remember The "Generation Gap"? by: Douglas G. Burkland The techniques of managing relationships between parents and their children is as old as.. well, parents having children. It's not an easy j more...

Keys: children, parents, relationship, life, raised, family, child, social, similarities, gener,

New Mom...New Baby...New Debt??

Author: Susan Koiner
2004-05-20 02:00:00

New Mom...New Baby...New Debt?? by: Susan Koiner Ah, there is nothing like being an expectant mom. Along with your expanding waistline comes the ever growing list of products for you and your ne more...

Keys: furniture, new, buying, clothing, nursery, resale, stores, save, baby, pre-owned, nursery,

His Toy, Her Toy

Author: Jennifer Gove
2004-05-30 02:00:00

His Toy, Her Toy by: Jennifer Gove I remember when my daughter was born. Visions of her and I dressed in pinks and purples sitting in her lacy pink room playing dolls danced threw my head. A year more...

Keys: plays, daughter, son, ball, jennifer, dolls, play, trucks, threw, learning, sports, kick ba,

Mutants or Clones?

Author: Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC
2004-06-01 02:00:00

Mutants or Clones? by: Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC In a single dose of children's television, I was bombarded with themes of mutants, cyborgs, evolving and the digital world. These words intimidated m more...

Keys: children, parents, clones, rather, new, change, family, problems, mutants, raising, hobby, ,

Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Blackmail

Author: Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC
2004-06-01 02:00:00

Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Blackmail by: Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC Family decision-making is an intriguing phenomenon. Many factors become part of the decision-making process. Emotions play an more...

Keys: threats, emotional, family, blackmail, use, decisions, emotional blackmail, blackmailer,

Children are People, Not Machines

Author: Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC
2004-06-01 02:00:00

Children are People, Not Machines by: Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC When growing up, my father frequently reminded me to "pay attention to the details." That saying became very real to me in the area o more...

Keys: children, attention, parents, child, good, need, fault-finding, details, qualities, given,

Saving Money on Preschool: Readiness Skills Needed

Author: Michelle Jones
2004-06-01 02:00:00

Saving Money on Preschool: Readiness Skills Needed for Kindergarten by: Michelle Jones As a mom of 4 who's youngest child is about to start Kindergarten this Fall, I'd like to share with you som more...

Keys: child, preschool, skills, kindergarten, years, children, school, letters, use, michelle j,

Talk Your Child Clever

Author: Susan du Plessis
2002-02-01 02:00:00

Talk Your Child Clever by: Susan du Plessis Most parents can hardly wait for their baby to say its first word. This usually happens between the nine months and a year. From about two years, the more...

Keys: language, child, able, talk, vocabulary, parents, baby, development, children, active, rea,

What the Matter Is

Author: Skye Thomas
2004-06-01 02:00:00

What the Matter Is by: Skye Thomas When my oldest boy was really young, he tickled my mother with that phrase. I would ask him, "What's the matter?" and he would answer me, "Well, what the matt more...

Keys: what's, towards, help, ask, what's wrong, wrong, life, really, need, wrong, looking, proble,

How Kids Learn To Cooperate In Video Games -- A Gu

Author: Marc Prensky
2004-06-14 02:00:00

How Kids Learn To Cooperate In Video Games -- A Guide for Parents and Teachers by: Marc Prensky A great many parents are concerned that the electronic games their kids play are teaching the kids more...

Keys: game, players, kids, games, cogs, , gags, cog, toontown, playing, world, learning, defeat, t,

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