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Narcissists And Women

Author: Sam Vaknin
2002-01-15 02:00:00

Narcissists And Women by: Sam Vaknin Question: Do narcissists hate women? Answer: Narcissists abhor and dread getting emotionally intimate and they regard sex as a maintenance chore, something th more...

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Choose To Be Happy...NOW!

Author: Teri Worten
2002-04-14 02:00:00

Choose To Be Happy with the best cheap vps hosting that we are using...NOW! Not only that it helps with HTML to make the website looks attractive, but also supporting MySQL. by: Teri Worten The older I get, the more I realize that ninety percent of life is about choices. Both the choice to be happy or unhappy is mine. Sure, unforeseeable ci more...

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The Art of Letting Go

Author: Thelma Mariano
2004-04-02 02:00:00

The Art of Letting Go by: Thelma Mariano It has been six months since I left the corporate world – and there are some things I will always miss. Like saying good morning to colleagues on my wa more...

Keys: life, letting, let, ·, need, it’s, leave, even, author, thelma mariano, another, mariano, th,

Getting The Most From Your Candles

Author: Sharon Jacobsen
2004-04-04 03:00:00

Getting The Most From Your Candles by: Sharon Jacobsen I love burning candles and have them all around the house. Long ones, short ones, fat ones, thin ones, in a plethora of colours. I burn the more...

Keys: candle, burn, candles, wax, holder, paper, wick, light, ones, easier, burning, burn right, c,

History of Crystal

Author: Jeffrey Levy
2004-04-04 03:00:00

History of Crystal by: Jeffrey Levy The history of crystal dates back thousands of years to the Mesopotamian times. Lead oxide was used to enhance the brilliance of glass as used today, but app more...

Keys: crystal, today, used, lead, swarovski, oxide, stones, jeffrey levy, austria, history crys,

Types of Russian Marriage Agencies

Author: Annas Agency®
2004-04-04 03:00:00

Types of Russian Marriage Agencies by: Annas Agency® Background There are many different kinds of marriage agencies offering services in the market. By understanding the workings of each agency, more...

Keys: agency, tier, russian, women, agencies, men, information, industry, businesses, marriage, ,

Coping With A Funeral

Author: Sharon Jacobsen
2004-04-03 02:00:00

Coping With A Funeral by: Sharon Jacobsen When the death of a loved one occurs, regardless or whether it was expected or not, you will find yourself having to deal with a great number of people. more...

Keys: funeral, people, find, yourself, need, explain, those, find yourself, able, feel, simply, g,

Time For A Quickie!!

Author: Sharon Jacobsen
2006-11-24 17:40:08

Time For A Quickie!! by: Sharon Jacobsen Technique! We seem to have become obsessed by it! There are probably thousands of books offering detailed explanations of ways to make love to your partn more...

Keys: quickie, sex, partner, place, women, where, that's, quickie sex, fancy, make love, you're,

The Art of Seduction

Author: Sharon Jacobsen
2004-04-03 02:00:00

The Art of Seduction by: Sharon Jacobsen Seduction is a question of subtle strategy with one ultimate goal - to have sex with someone. The desire for sex is powerful; for some it can be as pow more...

Keys: seduction, need, sex, you're, partner, person, it's, anything, people, those, usually, sign,

Superstition - A World of Make Believe?

Author: Sharon Jacobsen
2004-04-04 03:00:00

Superstition - A World of Make Believe? by: Sharon Jacobsen Superstitions are part of our heritage, transporting us to a distant past that links with the roots of our culture. The ancient lores more...

Keys: evil, spirits, believed, superstition, those, black, salt, upon, under, sneezing, culture, ,

25 Valuable Phone Numbers For Small Businesses Suc

Author: BZ Riger-Hull
2004-04-06 02:00:00

25 Valuable Phone Numbers For Small Businesses Success by: BZ Riger-Hull Starting and growing a small business can be a daunting and sometimes lonely process we have compiled a list of 25 helpfu more...

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Ten Financial Tips for Women

Author: Sandra N. Salter
2004-04-08 02:00:00

Ten Financial Tips for Women by: Sandra N. Salter On average, women earn 76 cents for every dollar men earn in the workplace. Because women typically spend approximately seven years out of the w more...

Keys: women, financial, years, men, retirement, benefits, lower, planning, debt, earnings, avera,

A Call for International Marriage Laws

Author: Kemisola Yusuf
2002-07-10 02:00:00

A Call for International Marriage Laws by: Kemisola Yusuf I recently watched a CNN programme which centred on “kidnapped daughters” (from multicultural marriages) who were unwillingl more...

Keys: law, states, international, marriage, marriages, law states, laws, inter-country, childr,

The Hows and Whys of Vintage Clothes Shopping

Author: Myranda Morgan
2004-04-12 02:00:00

The Hows and Whys of Vintage Clothes Shopping by: Myranda Morgan Why Vintage? Why would anyone want to wear vintage clothing? First of all, it's fun! When you wear vintage, you stand out from t more...

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K1 Visas in Russia

Author: Annas Agency®
2004-04-13 02:00:00

K1 Visas in Russia by: Annas Agency® Background After spending countless hours and large sums of money finding that special someone, you may think that the large part of your search is over – more...

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